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Francesca Franco

Assistant Professor of Accounting

BA (Bocconi University, Italy), PhD (University of Padova, Italy)

Dr Francesca Franco joined London Business School after post-doctoral research in Accounting at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is currently an Assistant Professor of Accounting. She received a BA from Bocconi University, Italy, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Padova, Italy. 

Before starting her PhD, she was a research fellow at the Accounting and Finance Department of SDA Bocconi, Italy. Her primary research interests are executive compensation, incentive contracting, and corporate governance.


Corporate diversification and the cost of debt: The role of segment disclosures

Franco F; Urcan O; Vasvari F P

Accounting Review 2015 Forthcoming

Determinants and trading performance of equity deferrals by corporate outside directors

Franco F; Ittner C D; Urcan O

Management Science 2015 Forthcoming

Review of "The small worlds of corporate governance"

Franco F

Corporate Governance: an International Review 2014 Vol 22:1 p 68-70


Review of "Contemporary issues in financial reporting: A user oriented approach" by Rosenfield P

Franco F

European Accounting Review 2007 Vol 16:1 p 230-232

Matching premiums in the executive labor market

Carter M E; Franco F; Tuna I

Working Paper


Determinants and consequences of equity compensation deferrals by corporate outside directors

Franco F; Ittner C D; Urcan O

Social Sciences Research Network

The value of corporate diversification: a debt market perspective

Franco F; Urcan O; Vasvari F P

Social Sciences Research Network


New evidence on the gender pay gap

Carter M E; Franco F; Gine M



Premium pay for executive talent: An empirical analysis

Carter M E; Franco F; Tuna I

Social Sciences Research Network


The effects of contract design and implementation practices on worker incentive plan outcomes

Franco F; Ittner C D; Larcker D F

Social Sciences Research Network

MBA 2016 Management Accounting C106 SPR15 (Streams A-E)

Research Interests

Incentive contracting, executive compensation and corporate governance.