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Peter Feldhütter

Assistant Professor of Finance

BA (Copenhagen), PhD (Copenhagen)

Dr Peter Feldhütter is an award-winning researcher. He teaches the elective course: Derivatives, in his role as Assistant Professor of Finance at London Business School.

He has received several awards for research, including the prestigious Best Paper in Quantitative Investments Award at the Western Finance Association’s annual meeting.

Dr Feldhütter’s research is focused on how prices in fixed income markets are affected by illiquidity, credit risk, and supply/demand imbalances. Recently, he has published several studies on the illiquidity of the U.S. corporate bond market.

His work has been published in several journals, including the Review of Financial Studies and the Journal of Financial Economics. His work has been quoted in the Financial Times and New York Times.


Can affine models match the moments in bond yields?

Feldhutter P

Quarterly Journal of Finance 2016 Vol 6:2

Value of creditor control in corporate bonds

Feldhutter P; Hotchkiss E; Karakas O

Journal of Financial Economics 2016 Vol 121:1 p 1-27


Corporate bond liquidity before and after the onset of the subprime crisis

Dick-Nielson J; Feldhutter P; Lando D

Journal of Financial Economics 2012 Vol 103:3 p 471-492

Systematic and idiosyncratic default risk in synthetic credit markets

Feldhutter P; Nielsen M S

Journal of Financial Econometrics 2012 Vol 10:2 p 292-324

The same bond at different prices: Identifying search frictions and selling pressures

Feldhutter P

Review of Financial Studies 2012 Vol 25:4 p 1155-1206


Decomposing swap spreads

Feldhutter P; Lando D

Journal of Financial Economics 2008 Vol 88 p 375-405


Leveraged buyouts and credit spreads

Eisenthal-Berkovitz Y; Feldhutter P; Vig V

Social Sciences Research Network

Risk premia, volatilities, and Sharpe ratios in a non-linear term structure model

Feldhutter P; Heyerdahl-Larsen C; Illeditsch P

Working Paper


The credit spread puzzle: myth or reality?

Feldhutter P; Schaefer S

Social Sciences Research Network


Keep it simple: dynamic bond portfolios under parameter uncertainty

Feldhutter P; Larsen L S; Munk C; Trolle A B

Social Sciences Research Network


  • E203 Elective Course in Derivatives (Streams A & B)

London Business Experience and London Finance Experience

  • MiM Core Course in Finance (Streams A,B,C)

Awards and Honours

  • Nykredit Talented Researcher Award, 2011.

  • NYSE Student Travel Grant, Western Finance Association, 2007.

  • WHU Finance Award, Campus for Finance, 2007.

  • Society of Quantitative Analysts Award for Best Paper in Quantitative Investments, Western Finance Association, 2006.

  • Q Group’s Jack Treynor Prize Winner, 2015.

  • Outstanding Paper Award, Wharton’s Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Research, 2014.

  • Best Paper Award, World Finance Conference, 2013.

Research Interests

  • Asset pricing
  • Credit risk
  • Fixed income
  • Liquidity risk