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David Faro

Associate Professor of Marketing

BA (Boston) MSc (London) PhD (Chicago)

David Faro received his PhD in Marketing at the University of Chicago, and joined London Business School in 2006. Dr Faro’s research examines consumer and managerial decision-making, the psychology of time perception and how people assess the preferences of others. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Research. Dr Faro teaches the marketing core course for MBAs and an elective course on Behavioural Economics and Decision Making. He also teaches on various executive education programmes. Before joining academia, Dr Faro worked in the marketing departments of household appliance firms in Turkey and Greece. He speaks English, Turkish and Hebrew.


Seeking and avoiding choice closure to enhance outcome satisfaction

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Journal of Consumer Research 2018 Vol 45:4 p 792-809


How does future income affect present discretionary spending

Schanbacher A; Faro D; Botti S

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Choice closure increases indulgence (but only once!)

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Is it still working? Task difficulty promotes a rapid wear-off bias in judgments of pharmacological products

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More for the many: The influence of entitativity on charitable giving

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Multiple-unit holdings yield attenuated endowment effects

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Turning the page: The impact of choice closure on satisfaction

Gu Y; Botti S; Faro D

Journal of Consumer Research 2013 Vol 40:2 p 268-283


ABCs of principle-agent interactions: accurate predictions, biased processes and contrasts between working and delegating

Faro D; Burson K; Rottenstreich Y

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Naive theories of causal force and compression of elapsed time judgements

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2010 May Vol 98:5 p 683-701


Affect, empathy and regressive mispredictions of others' preferences under risk

Faro D; Rottenstreich Y

Management Science 2006 April Vol 52:4 p 529-541


Perceived causality as a cue to temporal distance

Faro D; Leclerc F; Hastie R

Psychological Science 2005 Sep Vol 16:9 p 673-677

Research Interests

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Time perception
  • Causal reasoning
  • Social perception