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Sendil Ethiraj

London Business School Term Chair Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Chair, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Faculty

PhD (Pennsylvania)

Professor Sendil Ethiraj’s research interests are the effects of interdependence in decisions on choice of strategy and organisation structure; firm heterogeneity and industry structure; innovation and technology strategy.

His work has been published in journals including: Organization Science, the Strategic Management Journal and Management Science.


Do product architectures affect innovation productivity in complex product ecosystems?

Ethiraj S K; Posen H E

Advances in Strategic Management 2013 Vol 30 p 127-166


The division of gains from complementarities in human-capital-intensive activity

Ethiraj S. K; Garg P

Organization Science 2012 Vol 23:3 p 725-742

Does complexity deter customer-focus?

Ethiraj S K; Ramasubbu N; Krishnan M S

Strategic Management Journal 2012 Vol 33:2 p 137-161


Hoping for A to Z while rewarding only A: Complex organizations and multiple goals

Ethiraj S K; Levinthal D

Organization Science 2009 Vol 20:1 p 4-21


Performance effects of imitative entry

Ethiraj S K; D H Zhu

Strategic Management Journal 2008 Vol 29:8 p 797-817

The dual role of modularity: Innovation and imitation

Ethiraj S K; D A Levinthal; R R Roy

Management Science 2008 Vol 54:5 p 939-955


Allocation of inventive effort in complex product systems

Ethiraj S K

Strategic Management Journal 2007 Vol 28:6 p 563-584


Where do capabilities come from and how do they matter? A study in the software services industry

Ethiraj S. K; P Kale; M S Krishnan; J V Singh

Strategic Management Journal 2005 Vol 26:1 p 25-45

The distribution of R&D effort in systemic industries: Implications for competitive advantage

Ethiraj S K; P Puranam

Advances in Strategic Management 2004 Vol 21

Modularity and innovation in complex systems

Ethiraj S. K; D. A Levinthal

Management Science 2004 Vol 50:2 p 159-173


  • MBA core course, Understanding General Management, C122 D AUT14

  • EMBA core course, Understanding General Management, C031 AUT14 and SPR15 (2 streams)

  • Elective course, Advanced Competitive Strategy, E492 SUM15


London Business School

  • Understanding General Management – MBA Core class, 2013

  • Strategic Innovation – MBA Elective, 2013, 2014

  • Strategy Process – PhD Core class, 2013

University of Michigan

  • Strategy Core Course (STRATEGY 502) – Day MBA Core (Redesigned the course in 2007), 2007 – 2009, 2011, 2012

  • Strategy in technology-intensive industries (STRATEGY 676) – Developed a new MBA Elective, 2003 – 2005

  • Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) – MBA Core, 2005 – 2007

  • Seminar in strategy (STRATEGY 898) – PhD Core class (Redesigned the course in 2004), 2004 – 2010

  • Empirical research methods (BA 850) – PhD Methods class (Redesigned the course in 2011), 2011

  • Strategy core course (STRATEGY 390) – Undergraduate Core, 2003 – 2004

Research Awards

  • PhD teaching excellence award at the Ross School of Business, 2005

  • Sanford R. Robertson Chair in recognition of early career research and teaching excellence, 2005

  • Mike and Mary Kay Hallman Fellowship at the Ross School of Business, 2003-present

  • Finalist for Best Dissertation Prize of the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management, 2003

  • Finalist for Best Dissertation Prize of the Technology and Innovation Management Division of the Academy of Management, 2003

  • Awarded the Technology and Innovation Management Division Best Student Paper prize at the Academy of Management, 2002

  • Winner of the SMS/Booz Allen & Hamilton best paper prize, Strategic Management Society Meetings, San Francisco, 2001

  • Finalist for the McKinsey/SMS best conference paper prize, Strategic Management Society Meetings, San Francisco, 2001

Research Interests

  • Effects of interdependence in decisions on choice of strategy and organisation structure
  • Firm heterogeneity and industry structure
  • Innovation and technology strategy