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Colleen Cunningham

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Dr Colleen Cunningham’s research examines the challenges and advantages of commercialising new-to-the-world inventions. Dr Cunningham is fascinated by markets for technology, specifically the origins of markets and their role in the selection of novel ideas. Her research also focuses on anti-competitive motivations for technology acquisitions. Her specialism spans high technology innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing in particular on medical technologies such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to academia, Dr Cunningham was a health policy researcher, publishing 12 peer-reviewed articles on health systems management and policy related to pharmaceuticals, and drafting advisory reports for various stakeholders, including health system managers. Dr Cunningham also worked as a consulting researcher for the Economic Development department of the Government of British Columbia (Canada), in the oil and gas industry, and in natural resource management.


The limits of relational governance: sales force strategies in the US medical device industry

Chatterji AK; Cunningham C M; Joseph JE

Strategic Management Journal 2019 Vol 40:1 p 55-78


Racial and ethnic disparities in the use of antipsychotic medicatication: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Drug development: innovation or imitation deficit?

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Information behaviour of Canadian pharmaceutical policy makers

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Ethnic differences in the use of prescription drugs: a cross-sectional analysis of linked survey and administrative data

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Income inequities in end-of-life health care spending in British Columbia, Canada: a cross-sectional analysis, 2004-2006

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The cost of drug development: a systematic review

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Listening for prescriptions: a national consultation on pharmaceutical policy issues

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The British Columbia medical and hospital atlas : a companion to the British Columbia Rx atlas, 2nd edition

Morgan S; Cunningham C M; Hanley G; Mooney D

Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR)

The British Columbia Rx atlas, 2nd edition

Morgan S; Cunningham C M; Hanley G; Mooney D

Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR)


The effect of evidence-based drug coverage policies on pharmaceutical R&D: a case study from British Columbia

Morgan S; Cunningham C M

Healthcare Policy 2008 Vol 3:3 p e128-e153


  • Core strategy


  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Awards and Honours

  • Best Dissertation Award (finalist), Strategic Management Division, Academy of Management, 2018.
  • Kauffman Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, 2017.
  • Fulbright Canada Student Award, 2011-2012.
  • Simon Fraser University Graduate Fellowship Award, 2007.