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Karthik Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor of Accounting

MBA (ISB) PhD (New York)

Dr Karthik Balakrishnan’s research investigates the economic consequences of corporate disclosure, financial reporting and disclosure regulations. His recent research agenda focuses on financial reporting regulations in the banking sector.

His research interests include accounting issues related to financial intermediaries and implications of accounting for the functioning of capital markets. His work has been published in leading academic journals such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research and The Accounting Review. Prior to joining London Business School, Dr Balakrishnan was an Assistant Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Banks' financial reporting frequency and asset quality

Balakrishnan K; Ertan A

Accounting Review 2018 Vol 93:3 p 1-24

Foreign competition for shares and the pricing of information asymmetry: evidence from equity market liberalization

Balakrishnan K; Vashishtha R; Verrecchia R

Journal of Accounting and Economics 2018 Online first

Tax aggressiveness and corporate transparency

Balakrishnan K; Blouin J L; Guay W R

Accounting Review 2018 Forthcoming


Effect of accounting conservatism on corporate investment during the global financial crisis

Balakrishnan K; Watts R; Luo Z

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2016 Vol 43:5-6 p 513-542


Relation between reporting quality and financing and investment: evidence from changes in financing capacity

Balakrishnan K; Core J E; Verdi R S

Journal of Accounting Research 2014 Vol 52:1 p 1-36

Shaping liquidity: On the causal effects of voluntary disclosure

Balakrishnan K; Billings M B; Kelly B; Ljungqvist A

Journal of Finance 2014 Vol 69:5 p 2237-2278


Corporate governance and the information environment: Evidence from state antitakeover laws

Armstrong C S; Balakrishnan K; Cohen D

Journal of Accounting and Economics 2012 Vol 53:1-2 p 185-204


Post loss/profit announcement drift

Balakrishnan K; Bartov E; Faurel L

Journal of Accounting and Economics 2010 Vol 50:1 p 20-41


  • Financial Accounting C101 Streams A-E AUT16

Research Interests

  • Investment and cost of capital consequences of financial reporting and disclosure regulations
  • Impact of financial sector on real economy
  • Accounting issues related to debt markets and financial institutions
  • Investors and intermediaries use of firm disclosures