Laura Giurge

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of Organisational Behaviour

PhD (Erasmus) MSc (Groningen)

Dr Laura M. Giurge is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow of Organisational Behaviour, where she leads an initiative to innovate and expand the Behavioural Research Lab and teaches “Negotiation and Bargaining” to MBA students.

Laura received her PhD in Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam, in The Netherlands and two cum laude master degrees in Human Resource Management and in Economics and Business from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.

Before joining LBS, Laura was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Cornell University in the United States. Laura has experience in conducting experimental and behavioural field studies with collaborators and partners around the world. Her earlier work on power and ethics has been published in The Leadership Quarterly and Human Relations. Currently, Laura is working on a diverse set of projects that examine how the daily and long-term decisions employees and organizations make about time influence employees’ experiences and behaviours at work (engagement), but also outside work (well-being). The ultimate goal of her research is to help people work smarter and live happier and healthier lives.


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Getting your team to do more than meet deadlines

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