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Xscape: Building a Destination


Management Science and Operations, Management Science and Operations

Authors / Editors

Voss B;Voss C A;Gerbeau P Y


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As PY Gerbeau, the new CEO of Xscape, walked past the shops in his centre at Milton Keynes, he thought of the enormous potential for creating something new both there and through future expansion. In his previous roles at Disneyland Europe and the Millennium Dome, PY had built up an enviable reputation for managing turnarounds of leisure organisations. When he had arrived at Xscape, it was in financial trouble, many of the tenants were walking away and the real snow operation was losing £100k a year. This had presented him with the opportunity not only to turn the business round, but also to build a new business based on an innovative business model. However he also felt immense frustration at the difficulties that he was encountering in transforming the business and creating a platform for the future.



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