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The Blinkered Boss: How Has Managerial Behavior Changed with the Shift to Virtual Working?


California Management Review


Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Authors / Editors

Birkinshaw J;Gudka M;D'Amato V

Publication Year



Virtual working became the norm for most organizations since March 2020, and it brings well-recognized challenges. But we know little about the impact of virtual working on managerial behavior. This article presents the results of three surveys conducted before and during lockdown to understand what changed. It shows how managers became more blinkered: turning inward, becoming task-focused at the expense of relationship-building, and finding few opportunities to develop new skills. The article offers practical suggestions for how the evolution of managerial work might be accelerated, so that managers can become more effective in this changing environment.


managers; managerial behavior; managing subordinates; virtual environments; developing employees

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