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Opportunism in the presence of an essential facility



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Regulation Initiative Working Paper Series

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In this paper the problem of opportunism in the presence of an essential facility is examined. Two firms A and B can produce the same good. Firm A owns an essential facility and firm B can only gain access to consumers via this facility. A three stage game is used to characterise the existence of a perfect equilibrium. It is shown that each firm acts opportunistically and that, depending on absolute & relative costs, an equilibium will fall into one of three categories: (i) only firm A invests (ii) both firms invest or (iii) only firm B invests. A linear example is explained in detail and used to illustrate the findings. Various extensions are undertaken, including a comparison with an equivalent static Spengler (1950) model. Comments on welfare and some brief policy disscussion accompany the analysis.

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Regulation Initiative (closed)

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Regulation Initiative Working Paper Series

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