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ONk: Dining at the Funding Buffet


Economics, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

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Dushnitsky G


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The idea for ONk originated in 2012 when six-year-old Mike asked his father, Sam Ke, one night, “Can we make a computer that is simple and fun?” Soon afterwards, a team of three – Alex Bell, Joe Costa and Sam Ke – came together to answer the call. The mission: to give young people – and the young at heart – a simple, fun way to make and play with technology and take control of the world around them. At the core of the proposed offering is a hardware and software kit that can be assembled to create an easy-to-program computer. They named the company ONk to epitomise the spirit of their idea: build a computer, turn it ON and hit any KEY, so you could immediately start to code.

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Entrepreneurship, Financin, , Start-up strategy, Technological innovation


Ed-Tech; Technology

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International; United Kingdom; United States

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