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Haier in 2014: An entrepreneurial juggernaut facing a world of platforms and ecosystems


Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Authors / Editors

Jacobides M;Duke L

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Until the 2010s, China had been known for inexpensive products and efficient, low-cost production and for copycat or OEM products rather than for leading-edge innovation. Yet, in a few short years, Chinese firms turned to quality and innovation, drastically increasing their market share. A shining example of Chinese success, by 2008 Haier had become the biggest retailer of large household appliances in the world. Yet as consumer electronics changed and competition intensified, Zhang Ruimin, the CEO who had led the company from near-bankruptcy in 1984 to the top spot from 2008 to 2014, wanted Haier to go further. How could he push it to become a truly innovative global company; one that competed on the basis of new-product innovation. What would it take for Haier to leap into first place?

Topic List

Corporate culture, Growth strategy, Innovation, Organisational change


Manufacturing; Online retail; Retail

LBS Case Number



China; International

Publication Research Centre


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