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Assessing Social Return - Pachamama Coffee Co-Op



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Pachamama Coffee Co-op was founded in 2001 with a view to bring fair trade and organic opportunities to small-scale coffee farmers who were being impoverished by the economics of low margin coffee production. A number of fair trade initiatives were already in operation, improving prices for small-scale producers groups, in return for guaranteed supply. Pachamama's founder, Nicolas Brown, was looking to take this concept one stage further by using sophisticated Internet technology to remove some stages within the supply chain and the Co-ops distribution system. With a fair trade ethos that centered upon profit sharing with producer groups, Pachamama's vision included community development and the promotion of environmentally friendly practices. Brown was convinced of the financial robustness of the Pachamama proposition in its own right and was committed to achieving the Co-op's vision of wider social impact. How to communicate the value of the business to the socially oriented investor that he was seeking?

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Robertson S, Mullins, J

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