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Hannah Marston

  • Programme: MBA
  • Nationality: American/British

Hannah was born in London, but has lived in Los Angeles, California for most of her life. After studying at UCLA and obtaining a double-major in History and Classics, Hannah made the obvious move into business, first at a tech start-up in LA, before moving to work in marketing product management at Mattel on the Hot Wheels brand for five years. There, Hannah worked on top entertainment brands and organized Hot Wheels’ presence at San Diego Comic-Con.

The motivation to pursue an MBA was driven by Hannah’s desire to broaden her overall business skillset; LBS’s reputation for diversity, multinationalism, and stellar faculty made it a clear choice. At LBS, Hannah is on the executive committee of the North American and marketing clubs, and is an active member of the Tech & Media, Corporate Leadership, and Foodie Clubs. When not on campus, Hannah loves to spend time exploring London with her stream.

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