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Daniele Molteni

  • Programme: MBA
  • Nationality: Italian

Daniele is a chartered engineer with bachelors and masters degrees in telecommunications, engineering and a PhD in information technology.

Daniele grew up in Italy, studied in Milan and has lived in Finland, Spain and the UK. After completing his doctorate, he moved to Cambridge to join Schlumberger as a research scientist, where he worked for four years innovating technologies for the oilfield. In addition to his work in oil and gas, Daniele worked for Nokia Siemens Networks developing mobile communication technologies and founded an internet-of-things start-up. Recently, he collaborated with a venture capital firm to gain perspective into growth investing.

Daniele decided to pursue an MBA to build upon his technical expertise and to develop his business and management skills. London Business School was his first choice because of its renowned curriculum and its proximity to the London entrepreneurial ecosystem. A decisive factor was also the diverse and collaborative student body and the vibrant social environment.

Daniele is also a keen photographer and he is actively involved with the Photography Club, where he is leading the first exhibition aimed at exploring the global impact of sustainable businesses.

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