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Ali AlQadhi

  • Programme: Masters in Finance part time
  • Nationality: Kuwaiti

Born and raised in Kuwait, Ali held two positions as an undergraduate working part-time for two financial institutions. He graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. His first venture abroad was to New York City after graduation for a one-year analyst programme in an investment firm. Upon completion of the programme Ali moved back to Kuwait and worked for an investment firm in the Real Estate Department. A year later he passed the third level of the CFA exam and received an offer from Kuwait Investment Authority to work at their London Office. During his first year with Kuwait Investment Office Ali was involved in the infrastructure universe, he then had a short tenure in private equity before settling in the European equities desk. Ali’s decision to join London Business School was due to the diversity of its students and network, the calibre of the faculty and the School’s high reputation.

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