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Ran Merkazy

  • Programme: Market Driving Strategies
  • Nationality: German
  • Job Post-programme: Head of DA Product Innovation Europe, Samsung Innovation Team, Europe

Professional background

Ran has a background in industrial design and experience in product design at Speedo and Dyson.

Delivering real results

The Market Driving Strategies programme inspired me, changed my strategic thinking and led directly to me winning a $1m dollar government grant on behalf of Samsung. Clearly, this is a fantastic result which not only raised my standing within the company but has further increased my ability to produce amazing business results going forward.

The level of thinking throughout the programme was very high, and with such a short time frame, it was a very dynamic process - and very challenging too. The programme was high intensity right from the start. It was an excellent review of how to change the status quo and go out and create a market-driving strategy.

High-level learning opportunities

The programme uses in-depth case studies to clearly demonstrate how other leading organisations create new products and services, and drive the market forward. One of the highlights of the programme for me was learning about the money transfer innovation M-PESA and meeting the creator, Nick Hughes, former Head of Global Payments at Vodafone. In fact, this part of the programme led directly to me developing the idea which won Samsung the government grant.

This session helped me understand that disruptive innovation happens in ways you can’t always predict and takes time to grow to a clear direction. Also, in a large corporation, lack of clarity about outcomes, and efforts that take time, are luxuries you can rarely afford. Learning how to work with these factors and design solutions to meet these challenges has been extremely valuable.

Helping me transform my industry

I’ve gained a great range of new tools for developing and appraising new business ideas. They’ve helped me separate the wheat from the chaff, and allow me to focus my efforts on the most impactful and effective initiatives. The programme also gave me important insights into how to manage price wars, which I use daily, and I also use the ‘new business road test’ framework constantly to get excellent value.

I have definitely grown in my ability to deliver innovation strategy. The programme has enabled me to take control and reassess my own strategies for delivering innovation in a big corporate environment. Going forward I know that the skills, tools and insights I discovered on the programme will help me play an active part in transforming my industry.

Cutting-edge learning process

London Business School has a great reputation and it is at the forefront of global business education. Because my job is to push the boundaries of Consumer Electronics Innovation, I knew I would need to go through a learning process that was equally state of the art. In all respects the programme exceeded my expectations.