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Philippe Evrard

  • Programme: Accelerated Development Programme
  • Nationality: French

Philippe holds a postgraduate degree in Knowledge Based Systems from the University of Sussex. He has spent the past eight years at Banco Itaú Europa Luxembourg, where he is currently Managing Director. 

Supporting career transition 

It was really a period of career transition that led me to this programme. I had been going through some difficult team management issues in my new role, and was looking for a programme that would deliver immediate results. 

A different perspective

I was hugely impressed with the programme structure, the attention to personal leadership development and the introspective insights. Participants bonded together extremely fast, so much so, that after just a few days we had become a close team, happy and willing to exchange personal experiences. This was the foundation of some very powerful work on different management practices – sharing situations and experiences that we had all faced, and working collectively to find solutions. 

Practical skills

I’ve taken so much back into the office from the group sessions. The financial module was great and provided me with a more accurate understanding of financial concepts and accounting language. One of the main strengths of this module is that it is designed from a general management point of view, rather than the technical perspective of an accountant. On a more general level, there have been significant improvements to how I approach leadership. I delegate much more now. I pick the things I want to get involved in and comment on, so my work is much more effective and targeted. As a result, my team’s work and motivation has improved. 

A new way of thinking

The programme has given me the capacity to invest in coaching and relationship management, focusing on the human side of my role. We are a small organisation that works as part of a big group. Like everyone else, we face a lot of pressure. Significant turnover in a short space of time means that it has been crucial to build a new picture, one that focuses on performance and individual qualities. Stronger HR management is vital, as is better coaching of teams. Since completing this programme I focus much more on observing people; I waste less time on the technical aspects and spend more time seeking to understand the different personalities that make up my group. 

Personal development

I experienced a journey of personal development. Rather than just a set of lectures, it is a process of deep reflection – on motivation, on leadership, and on what does and does not make sense in both your personal and your professional life.