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Oriol Albos

  • Programme: Supply Chain Leadership
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Job Post-programme: Director of Contract Manufacturing and Logistics for Europe, South America and Asia, Corbion

"The best supply chains have the newest initiatives and technologies. My plan is to look for the best ones for Corbion" 

Oriol Albos knew the Supply Chain Leadership programme was perfect for him, following his promotion to the global logistics role at bio-based chemical company Corbion. 

“I was supply chain manager for a plant in Spain from 2007 to 2015 before being offered a global role,” he says. “At that point, I wanted to go on a supply chain programme to help me understand the challenges of a global role, as I’d now be responsible for our operations in Asia, South America and Europe.” 

His manager suggested he take a supply chain leadership programme to prepare for the new position. Oriol chose London Business School to study topics relevant to his job, such as strategy and risks, optimising performance and maximising value from the supply chain. 

Two things stick in mind when Oriol thinks about the programme – Professor Jérémie Gallien and exploring the latest trends for supply chain companies. “Jérémie is an incredibly knowledgeable lecturer and a great communicator,” he says. “It’s not often that you meet people who can share their great knowledge in such an interesting and insightful way.”

Oriol adds that he enjoyed learning about the latest industry innovations. “The best supply chains have the newest initiatives and technologies,” Oriol says. “My plan is to look for the best ones for Corbion.”

Strategic outlook

The programme gave Oriol a more strategic outlook for his company’s supply chain operation. “We have production plants and supply chain teams in Spain, the Netherlands, Thailand, Brazil and the US, as well as other locations. After finishing the programme, I spent time developing our strategy for managing our global logistics.” 

One strategic change is that Corbion now negotiates directly with shipping lines rather than freight forwarders to deliver its chemicals around the world. The switch has proved more cost-effective and cost-transparent for the company. 

Oriol says that meeting people from industries around the world was a highlight of the programme. “I was studying with people from India, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, the UK and Australia,” he says. “It was a real insight to hear their experiences of managing supply chains, which differs from one country, and industry, to another. Seeing things from their perspective helps you to analyse your own supply chain and logistics.”