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Omiros Sarikas

  • Programme: Corporate Finance Programme
  • Nationality: Greek

Omiros has an established career in corporate finance, having previously worked in investment banking and strategy consultancy, mainly in transactions involving financial sponsor groups. At AHV Associates, he advises on transatlantic and pan-European‘buy and build’ transactions, and industry consolidation‘roll ups’.

Tight focus

Having completed a Masters in Management in 2001 and an MBA in 2008 I wanted to take my education to the next level. I’d reached mid-senior management and was looking to deepen my understanding of corporate finance. I was keen to dig into my area of focus, and to gain more well-rounded knowledge of other areas relevant to my work. The Corporate Finance portfolio (Accounting and Financial Analysis, Valuation, and Financial Strategies for Value Creation) has a coherent end-to-end approach to the fundamentals which really appealed to me. I didn’t want to have to spend time on what, for me, would be unnecessary elements. I wanted to focus on advanced financial statement analysis, valuation and restructuring – skills that I would use on a daily basis.

Extended learning and practical applications

It was a real highlight that the programme was so case-study driven; it allowed me to apply new skills to real situations. From analysing past events, to exploring new developments – it greatly improved my understanding of the core financial theories. I also needed something with enough flexibility to fit around my career. I’ve studied all around the world, but I’ve never known a programme to be as practical as this. I also took issues from my work into the classroom and discussed them with the professors and my peers to get their opinions and advice. It was so instructive; it gave me a wide array of perspectives from different people from different industries and countries.

Human capital

In addition to the exceptional teaching, I was struck by the human capital that London Business School students bring. Studying with such high-level participants, collaborating with other senior managers from around the world, and comparing myself against other leaders in the field was an amazing opportunity. Unlike a Masters, where students are often looking to change their career or to move on, I was surrounded by people who wanted to learn how to excel in their current careers and who are already where they want to be. I loved being part of the student body and all the social and business opportunities that the School offers. London Business School fosters a really strong sense of community; you genuinely feel supported by your peers, the faculty and staff. At the root of the School is an emphasis on helping each other, which I have never encountered at other business schools.

A perfect fit

The programme has greatly boosted my technical skills. I still come to work with the notes from the sessions and refer to them constantly. I’ve also developed a training programme at my company, using my new toolkit to share my knowledge with my colleagues. The practical focus, the technical relevance, the social aspect and student life – this programme ticked all the boxes. I wish I’d had something like it when I started my career. It was the perfect fit for me.

Corporate Finance Portfolio

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