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Niamh Wylie

  • Programme: Strategic Investment Management
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Job Post-programme: Director, Coutts, London

Professional background

An exciting career move from investment banking to wealth management left Niamh feeling on new and uncertain ground. With specific knowledge gaps to fill, she sought out London Business School’s Strategic Investment Management programme to give her the support she needed.

​Solid foundations

Having developed strong experience in investment banking and derivatives at RBS, I moved to Coutts to work in wealth management. I was suddenly dealing with traditional long only funds, which was an entirely new perspective on investment management. It was a really steep learning curve and I realised I needed to broaden my knowledge, which was when I decided to take London Business School’s Strategic Investment Management programme.

Broadening horizons

I gained a global perspective on the programme – it’s incredibly international and I made excellent contacts. The programme’s speakers also gave us a global insight. You can get so bogged down in the micro in your day to day work that it’s incredibly enlightening to sit back and look at the bigger picture. I found the analysis of the hedge funds industry in developing markets, where change is so rapid, particularly inspirational. While I do not work in hedge funds, the insights that I gained led me to reevaluate my approach to investment decision-making and inspired me to explore being more contrarian. It has actually changed when and where we invest and proved financially fruitful this year. This has had a huge impact on my confidence and I am now much more involved in the investment management side than I was before.

Real world relevance and practical tools

The faculty are fantastic. Professor Andrew Scott gave a compelling and extremely relevant economics presentation which ignited ideas around protection and portfolios. It helped me think about other routes to market that I wouldn't otherwise have considered. For instance, we looked at the life insurance market as an income stream, which is highly appealing from an investor’s point of view because it delivers such a strong return.

I gained some really practical tools and tips on the programme. My work is as much about communication as it is about investment management. I took away some really interesting concepts, factoids and quotes from the programme, which I use continually in presentations to clients to help bring investments to life in a more interesting and engaging way. There is so much terminology in this business and my task is to break down the jargon and help clients understand what we are doing to manage their money effectively.

Overall, the content and the faculty really bolstered my self-belief and increased my knowledge and understanding of investment management. This in turn has made me feel confident and far more able to discuss different investments and ideas.