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Martin  Ibañez-Frocham

  • Programme: Senior Executive Programme
  • Nationality: Argentinean
  • Job Post-programme: Senior Partner - Region Leader Talent Latin America Mercer

Education and career

Martin holds an undergraduate degree in pharmacy and biochemistry from Universidad de Buenos Aires, and an MBA from Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos de Argentina. He worked for both Proctor and Gamble and IBM before beginning a long and distinguished career with Mercer in 1997. Currently, his primary role is to serve as the Canada and Latin America leader for the compensation and talent business.

Direct value

I had a very particular motivation for attending the Senior Executive Programme. I was about to assume a new role and in previous positions I had found there were certain characteristics of my leadership style that had prevented me from achieving optimum effectiveness. In this respect, the Senior Executive Programme was hugely helpful and a definite stepping stone in my career. I took away a number of very valuable lessons – articulating and deploying strategies, leading teams and storytelling techniques for effective communication – and I’m still using all of these now.

Leading teams

One of the challenges in my role is that I lead a very diverse team, including individuals in both mature and emerging markets who operate across multiple regions and cultures. I now find myself consciously practising the knowledge and skills I acquired through the programme. My leadership abilities are continuously improving as I apply my new understanding and skills to leading these talented people in a knowledge economy.

Most importantly, as a consequence of putting my Senior Executive Programme learning into practice, I am now able to identify the direct value this has contributed to the company. The business I lead in Mercer has rebounded strongly after the financial crisis and I am sure that my participation in the programme contributed to this success. I have been able to build a much stronger team and the result has been winning more clients and growing market share.

Personal growth

If I had to choose the single most beneficial thing about the Senior Executive Programme, it is probably the diversity of the class. I had the opportunity to learn to work with people from cultures with which I was not familiar, and who operate under different paradigms.Interacting with such a diverse group of professionals provided some amazing insights and I learnt to enjoy working and sharing personal time with them.

I highly recommend both London Business School and the Senior Executive Programme. The faculty are extraordinary; an excellent selection process means that the calibre of participants is extremely strong; and London is a great city. Thanks to the Senior Executive Programme, I grew not just as an executive, but also as a husband, a father and a friend.