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Marco Pinheiro

  • Programme: Senior Executive Programme
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Job Post-programme: Partner,¬†BTEN Business Talent Enterprise Network

Education and career

Marco has a degree in Corporate Economics from the Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He began his career with ABN AMRO, then worked as CFO for the Holdcontrol/Domusvenda Group and recently took up a position as Partner at BTEN Business Talent Enterprise Network.

More global

The reasons for doing the Senior Executive Programme are many. Personally, I decided I needed to refresh my management and business knowledge so I started to do some research into the best business schools around the world. I eventually chose London Business School because it is so much more global and multicultural than other schools – and, of course, it has the huge advantage of being based right in the centre of a truly dynamic city.

Practical learning

Initially I was a little sceptical as to whether I would really benefit, but my knowledge levels increased exponentially during the programme. Seeing management principles applied to so many industries including the public sector – was eye-opening. After years of work experience one tends to forget there are always several approaches to a problem, and it was great to remind myself how to think "outside the box".

Talk less, listen more

I find I am now much more relaxed in my working environment, and also more open to different ideas and opinions. There is a marked difference in my leadership style too – I’ve learned to talk less and listen more!

Since the programme, I have concentrated on increasing the autonomy of my individual team members that can develop and grow in their roles. This has not only had really positive effects in terms of team motivation, but has also improved the quality of work and level of output. I have been able to achieve my own objectives, focusing more on the important strategic issues and less on operational day-to-day concerns.

Outstanding faculty

The faculty on the Senior Executive Programme are genuinely outstanding. Regardless of the topic or individual professor, the one thing that stands out about the teaching staff is that they all have the ability to speak to a very diverse audience. Rob Goffee’s classes made a particular impact on me – the passion that he throws into his classes was such an important factor. Everything outside the classroom is taken care of, which means you are free to concentrate solely on your learning and the knowledge imparted in the classroom.

Long-term benefits

On a personal level, the experience has been really useful to me. It was hugely enriching to meet with everybody who was in the class. There were so many incredible people from different countries, industries and cultures – the whole programme is just one enormous learning pot.

I have also had to accept the fact that the company can survive without me. Overall, the programme has helped me achieve a much more effective and satisfactory work / life balance; one of the long-term key benefits is that I now have the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends.