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Kreshnik Robo

  • Programme: Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Nationality: Albanian
  • Job Post-programme: Partner, Corporate Finance at Deloitte

Practical negotiation strategies

After a year in my role as Head of M&A at Deloitte, I decided I needed a different view on the process, one that looked at things from the perspective of the client. I also wanted to get away from our traditional in-house training courses to a holistic experience that offered strategic expertise and a chance to study alongside a more diverse group of people. I did a lot of research on different programmes and London Business School came out a clear winner. Everyone I asked recommended it as a top option for executive study and I was also impressed by the outstanding rankings and topical, hands-on curriculum.

I’ve been practicing as a financial advisor for 10 years, but despite my level of experience, the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) programme still provided me with a very different angle on my role. Hearing about real cases from speakers and understanding the risks associated in each process enabled me to see each deal as a real-life experience. Instead of just looking at a transaction from the advisory side, I was suddenly realising it through the eyes of people who own the businesses and make the deals happen. The M&A professors also impressed me. Jeremy Dent and Marcus Alexander both offered practical acquisition and negotiation strategies. In addition to filling their academic roles superbly well, they also brought realworld business expertise to the classroom.

Knowledge of the latest market trends

Overall, the programme gave me a much broader, more strategic picture of the M&A world. The course structure encouraged the class to interact and share experiences. Exchanging views and learning with a vibrant group of global participants was truly invigorating. I learned a great deal about practices specific to each country and in subsequent deals I’ve started to apply various different techniques I learned. At one point recently I was advising an international firm about the acquisition of a small target in Albania. Using up-to-date M&A strategies and armed with knowledge of the latest market trends, I felt much more confident in my ability to advise the client.

Simplicity and pragmatism

Since coming back to Deloitte, I’ve tried to apply a new mentality to my work. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day detail of my job, and one of the best things about the M&A programme was that it reminded me exactly why I love my profession. I enjoyed it so much I’ve been back to do London Business School’s Masterclass in Private Equity!

The chance to immerse myself in an environment dedicated to business study and to listen to cases and individual success stories from around the world has showed me that even in a complex international market like the UK, many of the basics remain the same. Simplicity and pragmatism are two hallmarks of the M&A programme that I really appreciated, and it is this approach that I am now bringing to my own work.