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Ivan McMinn

  • Programme: Accelerated Development Programme
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Job Post-programme: Head of Corporate Banking, Danske Bank

Talented and diverse participants 

I wanted an intensive programme that covered the transition into general management and beyond, and London Business School was an obvious choice. I was attracted by the reputation of the School which was reinforced by impressive faculty biographies and feedback from alumni, including many from my Danske Bank colleagues, who spoke incredibly highly about the programme.

The experience on the programme was simply fabulous. The class I was part of was a wonderful collection of people from all parts of the world, covering many business sectors and expertise. They were a very talented group of people and I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to spend four weeks with them. This resulted in a superb dynamic where everyone mixed well and contributed to lively discussions. It was a privilege to listen to and learn from the faculty. The concepts and thought-processes that I took away from each of them will stay with me throughout my career.

Real value in the workplace

The programme gave me the opportunity to really challenge myself and be challenged by fellow participants whose views I welcomed, in an open and totally non-threatening environment. It also allowed time out of the office to reflect on my work and think about how I could make a significant difference to my team and my organisation. Back at work, I’ve been able to bring real value to the workplace and people’s lives by introducing a fitness and well being programme, based on what I learnt on the programme. There has been a really good take up and it’s also helped to boost my profile within the bank.

A better leader

Since the programme, I’ve changed my leadership style and am now more open to suggestions. Previously, one of my biggest challenges was around effective delegation. Through my experience on the programme, I have developed a simple model to aid me with this. This has freed up a lot of time for me, made me a better leader and allowed me to develop my team more effectively. 

I have never been short of confidence, but after the programme experience this has improved further. I now know that I can network with the best of the best globally, and I believe we add value to each others lives and work practices. I have already linked up with one of my class colleagues to help me deliver a conference in Copenhagen.

When I embarked on the programme, I wanted to be pushed well outside of my comfort zone and to be immersed in a challenging learning environment. I was also hoping to become a more rounded person and a better leader – and this was just what I got.