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Graciela Arce-Bordon

  • Programme: Corporate Finance Programme
  • Nationality: Paraguayan

Graciela moved to Lloyds TSB headquarters ten years ago, from the company’s branch in Paraguay. She attended the three Corporate Finance modules during 2006, following on with the Advanced Corporate Finance module in January 2007. Graciela had a series of promotions following the programmes and as been in her current role for two years. 

A unique opportunity 

Part of my job for the past three years has been an involvement in M&A activities. The London Business School programme was comprehensive- in terms of what I was doing it was the most relevant programme I could find, and the only one that was offered as a versatile, modular programme. It was easier for me to take an occasional week off than to attend evenings regularly, because I have to travel to Latin America quite a lot. The London Business School name was also important to me – if you’re going to be doing something like this, you have to go for the best. I thought the programme was really well done, it included a little bit of everything, but also time to practice in group work and presentations. There was a good mix between theory and practice. The teachers were fantastic, and the premises were excellent and very comfortable. 

Broadening horizons 

It was very helpful to be on the programme and at the same time implementing at work some of what I learned. The modules also gave me an idea of some of the things I could do in the future. In the last module, for example, I discovered a great interest in project finance. It was important for me to learn where I might progress in the future, and this gave me a broader idea of other areas I could be interested in. The programme does take up your time, so you have to be organised, but it’s definitely worth it – not just because of the programme itself, but also because of the interaction with other people. Participants were from different backgrounds, nationalities and companies; but there was a good balance to satisfy all expectations. Most of us were pretty much the same level, and it's important to have contact with other people in other companies. I keep in touch with some of them now, around the world. I still have all the programme materials – the 'bible' – on my desk!

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