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Gabriel Junqueira S. Elias

  • Programme: Executing Strategy for Results
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Job Post-programme: Managing Partner, PE Company

Gabriel has a background in private equity funds and turnarounds. His role at LAEP involved assisting the fund in analysing and diagnosing operational deployments, and the economic and financial foundation of the company, providing advice on the turnaround process andstrategic positioning. 

Thinking differently 

I believe in continual self development and challenging yourself. I’m always looking to get a fresh perspective on the issues I face at work and current business practice. After extensive research, I found several executive education programmes that interested me. Each programme focused on strategy, but only one focused directly on results – the main aim of any business. I chose the Executing Strategy for Results programme because I believed it to be unique and relevant to my needs. Throughout the programme I discovered a range of strategic tools to help with strategy execution and also developed a greater understanding of effective operational and financial management procedures. In addition to having my training needs met and gaining greater insight into current best practice, I had the opportunity to network with a diverse group of highly experienced professionals. 

New insights and experiences 

Studying alongside people from different industries and cultures is both challenging and rewarding. It encouraged me to be more open and improved my ability to review and make decisions. The whole experience was excellent – the programme structure and London Business School’s faculty serve as a model for any institution in the world. The guest speakers were impressive. Among them were CEOs and advisors of large companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple and Microsoft. It was an intense rhythm of work, with highly experienced people exchanging experiences at every moment. The class dynamic and interaction opened up new ways to approach different business issues and challenges. 

Implementing change 

At the end of the programme, I was faced with the challenge of putting theory into practice. The first day back in the office, I organised a workshop with all the directors, including the CEO. Together we addressed the weaknesses in our company structure and I presented potential goals and responsibilities for each business challenge. I outlined the next steps required to support our progress, focusing particularly on the areas that were neglected by managers, such as the culture and confidence of the team. With the help of the case studies that were discussed throughout the programme, I sought to define the main bottlenecks within the company and put forward actions to implement. The new strategy addresses procedural and cultural changes that will inform the company’s future success. I can see a huge benefit in the long-term from what I learned during this intensive programme. I have already recommended the programme to people who. I believe can bring new experiences to the next iteration.