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Daniela Sorio

  • Programme: Proteus
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Job Post-programme: VP Marketing and Sales, Latin America & Canada Region

“All of us on the programme had a desire to bring more meaning to our lives."

For Daniela Sorio, leadership programme Proteus came at the best possible time. As Director of Marketing and Sales for Phillip Morris in Spain, she had reached an important phase in her career and was ready for the next leg of her journey. 

Shortly after finishing the programme, Daniela was offered the role of Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the Latin and Canada region. “It was an honor and a huge promotion and I wanted to give it proper thought before accepting. So I kept the CEO waiting for three weeks for my answer and during that time I went through some of the things I learned   on Proteus – I thought about the kind of impact I wanted to have in the role, and how I could make it happen. Proteus taught me how to work out if the move made sense for me, and what value I could bring to the role. At a critical point in my career, Proteus helped me to know the right questions to ask.”

Daniela was attracted to Proteus because of the unconventional set up and the way it focuses on strengthening lateral thinking, insight, introspection and curiosity. “It came at a time in my life when I was reflecting on my personal and professional choices and when I was eager to live in a way that was more meaningful and fulfilling for me,” says Daniela. 

The diversity of the participants’ backgrounds was also a pull. “We were all so different, but we were all looking for meaning. One of the first things we were told on the programme was that we needed to think about our legacy. That’s what the course gives you – the ability to define that.” Making a positive impact on her team, her company and society at large is Daniela’s greatest wish, and a driving force behind her decision in 2015 when she left corporate life to develop her own portfolio career. “Oftentimes, if we don’t feel right, it’s because we’re off compass. It’s all about redirecting one’s life and making choices that are aligned with the way we want to live.”

Did Proteus help Daniela to make her latest career leap, working for herself as an adviser to start-ups and social enterprises? “Definitely”, she says. “Proteus helped me to understand people – including myself – and know what I’m about. I remember a creativity exploration with painting. We were painting a model and trying to simplify it with three strokes. It taught me how to look for the essence of people and things and how to get rid of complexity and the stuff that doesn’t really matter at the end.”

As a senior leader, Daniela had already attended executive courses when she joined Proteus, but the programme has stayed with her more than any other. “It’s one of the few courses that I’ve remembered and I’ve kept using years after,” she says. “You don’t forget Proteus!”