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Arantxa Lasa

  • Programme: Corporate Finance Programme
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Job Post-programme: Sr Program Manager, Microsoft

Professional Background

Arantxa has a degree in Business Administration and worked for Vodafone Spain in marketing and product management from 2006 until July 2011. In August 2011, she moved to Vodafone Group headquarters in London. She attended the Corporate Finance programmes (Accounting and Financial Analysis, Valuation, and Financial Strategies for Value Creation) at London Business School in 2011/12.

Value for money

I think that everyone, particularly if you want to be a good leader within your organisation, should have a deep understanding of corporate finance. I felt that working in London offered me a good opportunity to complete my knowledge in a relatively short period of time and also I had the chance to do it in English. I heard about London Business School and its international reputation and had a friend who did the Corporate Finance Programmes two years ago. Having looked at other programmes, I decided that London Business School would deliver the best value, particularly as I was paying for the programmes myself.

I had a lot of expectations, and all of them have been exceeded. The professors are great, offering case studies that illustrate every point. The organisation, as well as the way you are treated at the School, is excellent. 

Putting knowledge into practice

The professors are available to meet and discuss aspects of the programmes with you. You can also learn a lot from your peers, during class discussions, or in group projects – putting all the knowledge into practice. This is extremely valuable.
On these programmes you don’t just learn the basics, but also how to do a forensic analysis of the financial statements of a company. You learn how to see whether things have been accounted well or not; if the given image of a company is accurate or not; whether or not a project is worthwhile and why, and also different ways to avoid risk and funding business. It has given me a deep knowledge of how the finance world works.

Growing in my professional life

There are benefits of studying while working. It would be difficult to be out of the market for two years so it is extremely useful that you can continue being active and apply your learning to your work immediately. Studying and working at the same time makes me work more fluently so I have found this very useful.

I want to keep growing in my professional life, so I am glad to be building my knowledge of corporate finance. This new knowledge will help me with the next step in my career and has increased my commercial and financial awareness.

Corporate Finance Portfolio

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