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Anette Maltun Koefoed

  • Programme: Executing Strategy for Results
  • Nationality: Norwegian

Anette began her career at Aftenposten, Norway’s biggest newspaper. She held a variety of different roles including product management, product development, journalism and PR. She joined Berg-Hansen, a leading business travel agency, in a PR role. Today, Anette is responsible for all communications in the company and is part of the executive team involved in business development and strategic decision making.

Achieving results  

Every business strives to achieve the best possible results, but not every business knows how to get there. This programme enabled me to understand what actions are required to deliver a results-driven strategy. I learned so much in just five days; identifying the biggest barriers to strategy implementation and gaining the tools to introduce small changes that bring about huge improvements in practice. Don Sull’s teaching was amazing. His experience and the way he delivered content really helped to bridge the gap between theory and its practical application.  

New models; a new approach 

During the programme, I was introduced to a variety of strategic tools. One of the models that I found most useful was the strategic loop – closing the gap between strategy and execution. This concept forced me to analyse how people work together in our organisation and how we can use our time more effectively. Communicating the essential elements of value creation internally and understanding how we can work together will help us to achieve this. Following the programme, I had so much energy and felt more confident in my abilities. Upon returning to work, I presented the key takeaways of the programme to the executive team and highlighted possible solutions to the main areas that needed improving (identified from the 360 degree survey I completed prior to the programme). The programme opened my eyes to new ways of doing things, and with an increased vocabulary, better self-esteem and greater strategic insight, I was able to speak more authoritatively and articulately with other senior executives from across the organisation. 

Inspiring change 

The most important advice I can offer to anyone considering attending this programme is to approach it with an open mind; you have to be open to new ideas and ways of working. The opportunity to step back and view your business from an outsider’s point of view is incredibly valuable. In addition to the strategic frameworks you take away, the programme encourages you to think more about strategy implementation from an employee’s point of view. The success of a strategy is dependent on the people that deliver it. The programme has developed my leadership skills and I’m now more confident in communicating our strategic vision with my team. I currently have six people reporting to me and since returning to work, I have been focused on inspiring their enthusiasm to achieve better results. I am extremely grateful to have attended this programme. I was energised by the progress I made during the week and strongly recommend the experience to others.