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Andreas Goschin

  • Programme: Corporate Finance Programme
  • Nationality: German

Andreas graduated with a German MBA in finance and logistics, and worked with a telecommunications company for a short time before beginning a sales analysis role with Coca-Cola Germany. He progressed to supply chain finance, and then to business analysis and controlling, which was his role when he completed the Corporate Finance Programmes during late 2010 and early 2011.

A practical perspective

I was looking for some intensive courses to brush up my finance skills while adding a new perspective. My German MBA was very theoretical so I wanted something more practical to apply to my work, as well as a programme in English, and based in a European school as I was working in Germany. My internet research compared the content of different courses available in Europe, and I checked the Financial Times MBA ranking to ensure a good ranking and reputation. London Business School was the perfect fit.

The programmes were very relevant to my work and I expected to improve and update my current financial skills and also gain insight into other companies’ performance by discussing business cases.

Structured and professional

I found the experience very professional, compared with my MBA. I was overwhelmed with the resources – case studies and financial data available for international companies – on which to build business cases. The programme administration and organisation is very structured and professional – there is nothing they could have done better.

The highlight, for me, was the Valuation programme – all five days were really exciting and I really learned something new every day. In the Financial Strategies for Value Creation programme we discussed a business case from The Coca-Cola Company®, which was interesting because I was seeing issues from the outside.

Changing the mindset

I definitely took away learning about valuation and restructuring. When I got back home, I started looking at things more critically and my team of six and I started to change the way we did value chain analysis and business analysis, redirecting our focus.

I wanted my team to have some insight, so I introduced some sessions where we discussed my learning and challenged the team to implement them into their work. I tried to be a catalyst for that – to give my knowledge to my team, so that they can improve and focus on the important things.

It’s a pretty long journey to change the mindset of the stakeholders you’re working with. When people are used to a certain way of doing value chain analysis and business evaluations, it is challenging when someone gives them a wake-up call.

However, changing direction, and discussing my results with my manager and CFO, I believe, played a key role in my new appointment in Berlin.

I think that having the chance to go to a different country to study, to get together with people of different nationalities and companies, helps you to grow your personality. I now have a broader, more international point of view, rather than being German focused, and I have made a personal step forward in understanding how international companies operate. I haven’t just learned something related to finance, but I have grown as a person.

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