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Andrea Bosboom

  • Programme: Accelerated Development Programme
  • Nationality: Dutch

Andrea is currently a digital consultant working with market leaders across various industries including communications, financial services, fast moving consumer goods, travel and IT. She helps businesses understand the impact of the internet on how they work.

A life-changing programme

The programme changed me. It removed me from everyday life and submerged me in a completely different world. I was challenged socially, intellectually, physically and mentally and it is important to allow yourself to undergo that experience. This was a rare chance for me to reflect and reinvent myself as a leader. 

Profound personal development 

The first week of the programme really disrupted my view of myself, both as an individual and as a professional. I developed a whole range of new skills that have taken me to a new level of professional and personal maturity. I really didn’t expect the personal development to be so profound. It’s made me much more aware of my behaviour, how others perceive me, my strengths, my pitfalls and my learning objectives. The programme has given me the ability to adjust my behaviour accordingly.

Rich learning experience

I wanted to attend London Business School (LBS) because of its global reputation, the location and networking opportunities. I wasn’t disappointed! My peers were diverse, coming from lots of different industries and nationalities, all with different perspectives and personalities, this made for a very rich learning experience. I formed close relationships with participants so it was not only an intense learning experience but great fun too! I think back most frequently to the practical exercises. I learned a lot from the role playing and mystery shopping experience. I also involved myself in the physical things we did – running early in the morning in Regent’s Park was a great way to start the day. 

New skills, abilities and confidence 

Before the programme, my professional development had reached its limit. My personality and energy had taken me as far as I could go in my career; I needed more to reach a higher career stage. The programme really did show that the business and leadership skills that have got you to where you are today are not the same skills that will get you to the next level professionally. You have to develop new skills and learn ways of working, they do not come naturally – and LBS is the best place in the world to learn the business skills you need to get to the next level. 

I’m already using these new skills to position myself more strongly. I have been able to advise seniors on how to structure their arguments, which has helped them obtain resources and given me the chance to raise my profile. The programme has taught me not to dive immediately into my known territory of execution, rather to sit back assess the situation and take a different approach. 

On a personal level, the programme made me realise and become really aware of what I have to offer, as a person and a professional. The programme gave me a profound feeling of confidence in myself and my future abilities.