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The Library is your invaluable resource for authoritative, up-to-date business information.

Visit the Library to browse a huge selection of books, journals and reference titles. As well as using the facility to borrow books and read today's newspapers, the Library is the perfect place to study in peace.


There is a mix of study spaces throughout the building:

  • "pods" on Floor 2 are intended for group study
  • Floor 3 is designated for quiet study
  • The Linhope study room on Floor 2 is for silent study.

Faculty, students, staff, alumni and sponsors have access to the Library.


Members of our academic community with access to Portal, the School's extranet, can also use our electronic library of over 70 databases.

The Taunton Centre


The Library is part of the Taunton Centre, which is open to London Business School staff, students, faculty and alumni 24 hours a day.


As well as the Library, the Taunton building also houses the Fitness Centre and Alumni Centre, and a range of food and drinks are available in Café T.