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Work with students

As alumni of London Business School, you have the skills and experience to support current students in many ways. You can help those still studying find their niche and hone their expertise, whilst building and strengthening links between the campus community and the alumni network.




As a mentor, you have the opportunity to make a difference to a student’s future by helping your mentee understand their academic and career opportunities and choices, or by offering advice on specific issues. Mentoring can take place face-to-face or remotely so is open to alumni wherever you are based.  

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Offering student projects and internships


Enable one of our students to undertake a company-sponsored project in your company, giving them valuable business experience in a consultancy function. 

Your company benefits from the addition of an extremely high-calibre and motivated individual, whilst directly contributing to a student’s education.

There are a number of ways in which you can take advantage of this great resource:


Masters in Finance, 2-4 month project


Commission our Masters in Finance students to work on finance business projects for you. Access high calibre, finance experts to work on tangible business issues that you seek to address. Students can start work on the project anytime but there are three submission deadlines a year (December, April and June). Students work individually or in pairs, with each person spending approximately 70 hours over the project lifetime. To find out more about offering a project to our Masters in Finance students visit the MiF Projects page, on Portal or download the flyer.

The MBA Summer Consulting Team


Made up of full-time MBA students who are available during the summer between their first and second years, the Summer Consulting Team can help you solve urgent business problems, from strategy development to growth and performance improvements. To find out more, contact Richard Bland on


MBA paid, 8-12 week internship


Most students on the MBA Programme undertake an 8-12 week paid internship at the end of the first year. This helps students put their first year learning into perspective and gain an understanding of a particular function and industry. If you are interested in offering an internship, visit the Recruit our talent pages.

Speaking at the School


There are many opportunities for you to share your expertise and experience with students. You could speak at Orientation and Capstone, join Career Centre panels or speak at Student Club events.

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