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Support your class

Taking on a volunteering role in your class is one of the many ways for you to play an active role in the School as a member of our alumni community. Not only will you benefit from the greater engagement your class has with the School – and each other – but it is a fun and satisfying way to stay in contact with your classmates and help bring them together.

Serve as Class Chair

Encourage your classmates to be active and informed members of the School community. Collect news and photos, help organise events and maintain the sense of community you created during your studies.

Help organise your Reunion

Reunions are a major event in the School’s calendar. They are integral to maintaining an active and connected alumni community, and they require a significant amount of organising. Each year the School helps more than 30 classes celebrate milestone anniversaries, supported by alumni volunteers who arrange class-specific events and encourage classmates to support their Reunion Class Gift.

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Next steps

Support your class or become a Class Chair. For more information contact Alumni Relations.

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