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Help us admit the best students

MBA alumni help us interview full-time MBA candidates, recruiting the best to represent our world-class brand.

The knowledge and experience you have gained from successfully completing your MBA course enable you to identify which potential applicants possess the right qualities to follow in your footsteps.

Now that we are recruiting a class of around 470 students, your support is critical to our admissions process and our goal of achieving a diverse and talented group of business leaders.

Why we help MBA candidates

We know that your time is valuable; so why do MBA alumni volunteer their time to interview MBA candidates?

The admissions process


As you know the admissions process operates in four stages. We need your support in the following months: October, February, April and June.


The recruitment and admissions manager responsible for the region where you are located will contact you at the beginning of the admissions process with the interview dates to enquire about your availability. You will liaise directly with your MBA recruitment and admissions manager throughout the process.

If you are an MBA alumnus and would like more information regarding interviews on the full-time MBA programme, please contact Alessandra Gazzola, MBA Recruitment and Admissions Manager, at: