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Help with admissions

Alumni are best placed to tell prospective students about the experience and benefits of studying at London Business School and to evaluate prospective applicants. 

Getting involved with admissions is rewarding and provides a hugely valuable service both to future students and to the School.

Interview applicants

Interviewing our degree programme applicants allows you to be part of identifying the best candidates to represent our world class-brand, which in turn strengthens our community and alumni network. The knowledge and experience you have gained from successfully completing your course enables you to identify which potential applicants possess the right qualities to follow in your footsteps. 

Your support is critical to our admissions process and our goal of achieving a diverse and talented group of business leaders. The participation of alumni in the interviewing process is a very influential factor for candidates who accept offers to join the programme. 

In some cases alumni interviewers are the first face-to-face contact prospective candidates have with the School, and therefore play a very significant role. 

The time commitment for helping with this process is approximately 1.5 hours per interview and around 30 minutes for writing up the interview report. We offer comprehensive guidance and support for all our alumni interviewers.

Speak to prospective students about our programmes

The School regularly hosts events for prospective students all around the globe and we are always in need of alumni to meet and greet our prospective applicants.

Prospective students come to these sessions for the opportunity to learn about the true London Business School experience, which is why alumni are key to their success.

Find out more by contacting Stephanie Thrane, Senior Manager MBA Recruitment and Admissions at:

Next steps

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