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Tim Bode

  • Programme: Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
  • Nationality: German
  • Job Post-programme: Managing Director, Tybo Investments

Professional background

Tim started work in the construction industry as a graduate trainee in 2002. Two years later, he moved to Douglas Holding and worked in a variety of other roles until 2008 when he set up the Dutch finance subsidiary. He attended the programme in 2010 and he is now an angel investor through his company Tybo Investments.

​Investing my money effectively

I come from an entrepreneurial background - my family ran a company for three generations. Before quitting my job as finance manager to concentrate on angel financing I wanted to be more proficient when examining a business plan, because I'm risking my own money.

Having attended programmes at London Business School before, I knew the excellence of the teachers there. In Germany I wasn’t able to find similar programmes involving case studies, which I feel are very important; theoretical examples are simplified too much. This programme focuses on the financing of private companies, and unlike many USbased courses it analysed the global market, including my market in Europe.

High quality teaching

The programme was very intense with a lot of information to absorb in the first couple of days. You see the learning curve right away while you’re sitting in class and it gets clearer every day, pushing you into wanting to learn more. The quality of teaching was outstanding and I met a lot of very interesting people, both professors and other participants from all parts of the world. I’m still in contact with a lot of them.

The highlight for me was the last case study, presented by the professor Martyn Williams. Learning from a person who actually did the deals in real life had a huge impact and made it very memorable.

The ‘seven domains’ model from John Mullins was really helpful – I use it now – and the content that the programme delivered is flowing into everything we do here now.

Building valuable networks

The programme has got me to the point where I take my personal investments much more seriously than I did before. It showed me how to select companies, monitor them, have everything in order before I invest, and to be flexible – because things never turn out how you ideally want them to be!

I have already financed two start-ups, as well as a small business through another participant whom I met on the programme. I'm also exchanging ideas with some of my former classmates – we're working on possibly doing investments together in the future.

I feel that what I’ve learned on the programme will ensure more success for the businesses I choose to finance.