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Ritesh Shah

  • Programme: Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
  • Nationality: British
  • Job Post-programme: CFO-Europe, Rabobank International North America Wholesale

Professional background

Ritesh trained as a professional accountant with KPMG London. He has worked for Rabobank since 1992 in various countries and he is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He attended London Business School in April 2007.

​A deeper understanding

Valuation in the private equity world is the topic of the moment, and I wanted to get up to speed with it. I was attracted by the reputation of London Business School and the content of this course seemed very interesting. In reality, it exceeded my expectations, and I found it a tremendous experience that I really enjoyed.

My role as CFO means that I’m familiar with valuation, and the concept and theories behind it, but this programme was very specific to entrepreneurial business. The practical side of the course introduced me to the concept of private equity and venture capital buyouts: very different from the context of buying existing mature businesses that I am used to.

Real-world insights

The faculty members took advantage of the ten-session format (two sessions a day for five days) to present various business cases with different scenarios, so we learnt a lot from all angles. Every case allowed you to hone in on specific subjects, and each session presented a different concept to you in a practical way that I haven’t seen in any other business school programme I‘ve experienced – it was definitely the best course delivery I’ve had.

The impact on me personally is that I can appreciate any business case or valuation much more. I’m now equipped with the right tools, and I have important new personal skills that I can use whenever it is appropriate to do so.

If you are a serious entrepreneur you should take this programme. You will gain so much knowledge about how other parties look at a valuation, and this will help you whichever group you represent. You need these skills!