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Nuno Santos

  • Programme: Accelerated Development Programme
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Job Post-programme: TIBCO Software Inc, Critical Software

Nuno holds a postgraduate degree in Computer Maths from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He spent several years with Critical Software and is now working with TIBCO Software Inc.

A different perspective 

This programme is different to many others in that it offers a truly global business perspective. The number of new cultures and experiences that you are exposed to is constant and overwhelming, and the shared experiences are invaluable. Not only did I learn the tools and techniques to cement my knowledge and management skills, but I was constantly interacting with people from different business contexts and markets. This enabled me to build a picture of how my own company could prepare for strategic business challenges elsewhere, and gave me a much broader view of the corporate world.


The programme’s focus on self-development helped me develop a clearer understanding of my management style and how the people I work with see me. This has made me much more aware of others. I’ve been able to extend my learning and methodologies throughout the entire organisation,encouraging uniform team behaviour, better decisions and reducing our risk exposure. I also took the company strategy and started detailing it to match areas addressed during the programme. For example, I looked at our objective to increase sales and then developed a new process for evaluating the pipeline using Monte Carlo simulations. This translated into a more accurate picture and gave us a clearer view of our future projects.

A life-changing experience 

My time on the programme was one of those moments in life when you realise nothing will ever be the same. The networking is amazing - it’s about creating relationships with people you would never otherwise meet, who have the same values and interests. During the programme I met a colleague that shared my interest in doing something new and three months on we were able to create a Joint Venture between our two companies(one Singaporean and one Portuguese) to address the Asian IT market. It’s hard to quantify everything that I gained from this experience, but in addition to business theory, practical management techniques, new projects and making friends for life, I like to think I became a better person.