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Your future is in your hands

Maximise your options and become a prime candidate for major recruiters such as Amazon and Google at London Business School.

With 75% of the top 500 global companies based in London, our recruiting events and other networking opportunities allow you to connect with the best organisations and become globally mobile. In fact, more than half our MBAs start their career outside the UK.

Why companies target our MBA graduates

“LBS has one of the deepest talent pools in this region” – Malcolm Horton, Global Head of Recruitment, Nomura.

“We’re looking for the best talent for the region, so we recruit from the best schools in the world, and LBS is absolutely one of our core schools globally” – James Hadley, Bain & Co Middle East Inc.

“London Business School continues to be one of our top target schools for MBAs” – HSBC.

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