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Market Driving Strategies

Use creativity and innovation to cultivate a groundbreaking business strategy. Embed original thinking in your organisation, break new ground in your existing market and move into new ones.

On this programme you acquire the skills to take novel concepts to market and identify new business opportunities to increase your market share, diversify into new sectors and transform your industry.

Practise these skills in an environment that encourages experimentation, tolerates mistakes and gives you inspiration and the space to grow. You gain the ability to see opportunities others miss and think more broadly about how to capitalise on them.

Return to your organisation ready to unlock creativity, rethink your strategic approach, and create the products, services, processes and business models that bring long-term value.

Key details

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Next start: 07 Nov 2016
  • Fees: £6,700
  • Location: London
  • Programme start dates:

    • 07-11 Nov 2016
    • 08-12 May 2017*
    • 06-10 Nov 2017*

    *Fees for progarmmes starting in 2017 are: £6,900


Gaining Brand Traction webinar

Professor Nader Tavassoli looks at how gaining traction is about bridging this design-delivery gap by embedding the brand into daily employee behaviours.

View the webinar

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