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Superior understanding of valuation allows you to maximise the potential of a company, increase portfolio returns, improve project selections and understand funding alternatives.

Real-life valuations are increasingly complex. Professor Christopher Hennessy explores how to value companies in a variety of contexts, undertaking valuation deconstructions and understanding all the inputs that are involved.

A thorough understanding of the subject enables you to drive investment decisions and lead the restructuring, M&A, and financing challenges and opportunities that your organisation faces. Increasingly, it is also a factor in marketing strategy and operations management.

Valuation Programme Overview

On this programme you will develop the practical skills to understand and interpret complex valuations. Topics include:

  • capital budgeting
  • debt markets
  • cost of capital
  • cash-flow modelling
  • terminal values and multiples analysis
  • illiquidity
  • governance
  • control
  • cross-border transactions
  • optimal financing. 

NB: The programme assumes knowledge of accounting and financial ratios gained through three years of professional experience or through completion of the Accounting and Financial Analysis programme.

Key Details

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Next start: 03 Oct 2016
  • Fees: £6,700
  • Location: London
  • Next programme dates:

    • 03-07 Oct 2016*
    • 13-17 Mar 2017*
    • 23-27 Oct 2017*

    *Fees subject to annual review

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