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Applying modern theory to the equities investment process

Gain broader knowledge of modern portfolio theory and its applications in the investment process.

Led by Professor Narayan Naik, a widely experienced consultant to industry and groundbreaking academic, you examine investment management’s most important theoretical frameworks using cutting-edge research. Go further to look at the empirical evidence that supports these frameworks and identify the practical implications of each concept for increased portfolio performance.

Take part in a ‘live’ investment management simulation and a trading competition. Construct and manage your own portfolio and apply theory and concepts learned in class. Study and interpret the performance of your portfolio and present a report on its performance.

Equity Portfolio Management: Programme Overview

Key details

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Next start: 30 Aug 2016
  • Fees: TBC
  • Location: London
  • Programme start date:

    • 30 Aug - 02 Sep 2016

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