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Who attends?

Anyone with ambition to lead people in business needs to be fluent in the language of finance.

The Corporate Finance Portfolio consists of high-level technical programmes for ambitious professionals with a minimum of three years’ experience. They are designed for finance experts (in all industries) as well as non-finance professionals who are connected to the world of finance and want to increase their understanding.

There is no better place to learn corporate finance than in London, surrounded by hundreds of leading global organisations. We draw on this living classroom to demonstrate theory in practice and to inspire your thinking.

Inspiration through diversity

Sharing a classroom with high-calibre professionals from around the globe and a wide variety of sectors broadens your perspectives and enhances your networks.

Benefit from peer-to-peer learning from an exceptional group of diverse professionals and begin a new way of thinking.

Participants include:

  • general managers
  • finance professionals

  • executives, consultants and analysts

  • business developers

  • lawyers and legal practitioners

  • financial planners and advisors

  • economists and business analysts

  • auditors and risk managers

  • professional board members.

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