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Benefit professionally and personally from valuable online services exclusive to our alumni.

Did you know that, as LBS alumni, you can keep your School email address as your Lifelong Forwarding email? You can also use the Alumni Portal to email other alumni, participate in clubs and groups and access the School's extensive resources.

Use the Alumni Portal

The Alumni Portal is the central point of access to the range of services, benefits and information available to alumni. It enables you to stay connected with each other and the rest of the School community.

Online services

Online services available to alumni via the Alumni Portal include:

  • Directory

    Are you looking for alumni with a particular field of expertise? Perhaps in Debt Capital Markets or Upstream Oil and Gas? Conduct more targeted searches for members of the community through Directory. You can also search the enhanced lists for industry, position level and job function classifications, and educational and professional qualification information.

  • Clubs

    Connect to a wide range of clubs within the Professional Interest, Regional, Social, Sporting and Philanthropic areas, providing opportunities for networking, learning and socialising.

  • Library

    Find the information you need in our faculty research or various databases.

  • Email my Class

    This is the quickest and easiest way to send a message to your classmates. Click on the 'Email my Class' link, type your message then click on 'Send'.

  • Alumni Notes

    The homepage of Portal is updated frequently with alumni and School news and event invitations for alumni.

  • Portal sitemap

    Select 'Portal Sitemap' in the left hand menu to find additional services and information including Alumni Services and Benefits, the International Alumni Board, brand guidelines and School information. Keep an eye on Portal Sitemap regularly as new services and information are added here.

  • Lifelong email forwarding

    Continuity is the primary benefit of your lifelong email address. Classmates can contact each other easily because the lifelong address follows obvious rules ( Messages sent to your lifelong email address are forwarded to the latest email address that you have provided. As London Business School does not provide an ISP, you must have a valid email address to take advantage of this forwarding service. You can provide an email address by updating your details online in 'My Profile' in the left-hand navigation menu on Portal homepage.

    The School has replaced the internal anti-spam filters with a virus and spam filtering service from MessageLabs. Any mail sent to your lifelong account is filtered and the message subject modified to {SPAM?} when a spam mail is detected. The mail is still forwarded on to you. You can use the modification to the subject line to either automatically delete or file the message. If MessageLabs misclassifies legitimate mail as spam, you should forward the message to Any message containing a virus is deleted by MessageLabs, which is able to provide 100% protection against email viruses. We hope you will find this service a further improvement in protecting your mail address from unwanted Spam and viruses.

    Most e-mail service providers support multiple 'from addresses' and allow you to send as if from your mail address, as indeed do most email clients, apart from MS Outlook. Check the online help for your preferred service; here's some notes for Google Mail, Hotmail (Windows Live), Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird and Mail (Mac).

  • Google Mail (Gmail)

    Click on Settings, then Accounts then Add another email address. Enter your address in the pop-up box and follow the steps to verify. Once done, when composing mail you select the address from a drop-down list. There is also an option to specify different reply-to address.

  • Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail)

    Click on Options then More Options then Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts. Select Add another account to send mail from. Enter your address and click on Send verification e-mail.

  • Yahoo Mail

    Click Options then Mail Options; click Accounts and Add or edit an account, then on Add. Type an appropriate name for the new account and enter your address as the mail address for the new account. Click Continue and Skip this Step and click through the remaining screens.

  • Thunderbird

    Click on Tools then Account Settings and chose the account to add the address to. Click Manage Identities (lower right), then Add and fill-in the appropriate details including your address.

  • Apple Mac Mail

    Click on Mail then Preferences and in the Accounts category highlight the desired account. The e-mail address field can hold multiple addresses separated by a comma, so simply add your there.