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  • What is LBS Hub?

    LBS Hub is our new alumni engagement platform to enable you to keep connected to your worldwide alumni network. It is the new home for alumni clubs, the alumni directory and online mentoring.

  • Why do we have LBS Hub?

    We have listened to your feedback and provided a modern, user-friendly platform to connect with your class mates and the School. We moved the alumni directory and alumni clubs from Portal to the new modern and easy to use LBS Hub platform. It makes searching for and connecting with classmates much easier, provides flexible mentoring options and houses clubs in a user-friendly way, including being able to link your social media feeds and add events and photos.

  • How can I report an issue or share feedback?

    You can raise issues or share feedback about LBS Hub via our online form, and you will receive a response within 48 working hours. 

  • I'm having trouble logging in - who can I contact?
    • If you have trouble logging in - take a look at our quick guide which troubleshoots the most common problems.

      Here are some tips:

      -  Check your username - make sure you're using the email address registered for LBS Hub, rather than your LBS Hub student username
    • -  Clear your cache data - if you receive a 'bad request' or 'invitation redemption failed' error message,  clear your browser's cache and try logging into the service again
    • -  Reset your password - please take a look at the advice from Microsoft or Google, depending on the email address you've registered for LBS Hub.

      If you are still having trouble, contact our IT Team via  
  • Why am I not receiving my verification email after I enter my email address?
    The original email links sent out in the summer are now invalid. Although you are prompted to enter a personal email address you are no longer able to sign up using this method. Please instead email to request an account.
  • Do students have access to the Alumni Directory in LBS Hub?

    Yes! Students can search within LBS Hub for any alumni they're interested in speaking to for mentoring purposes. We'll be regularly reviewing the scope of the platform and making plans for development. Please note that all alumni information that is updated on LBS Hub will also be automatically updated in the Portal Directory.

  • Does LBS Hub completely replace all the services Alumni use via Portal?

    LBS Hub will be replacing the directory and clubs functions of Portal, though there will be a transition period of a few months until these are hidden. There will still be a small number of services on Portal after LBS Hub is launched, and several of the Portal pages will still be available. However LBS Hub will be your main platform for alumni activities going forward - as you'll find more information available either via or LBS Hub.

  • Why do I have to re-join my alumni club on LBS Hub?

    A lot of the data on club membership on Portal was old and potentially out-of date; with GDPR we didn't want to assume consent and transfer all members who may have joined a club several years ago. We also wanted to get a sense of how many alumni are actually using our clubs, so we're asking alumni to re-join their new club page, and help us find out levels of engagement.

    We'll be saving historic club data, and will be supporting club leaders to reach out to members who haven't moved over and encourage them to sign up. 

  • Where do I go if I want to read and participate in student discussions?

    Student clubs are still accessible via Campus Groups, or alternatively the wider general campus community discussions will remain available on Portal.

  • How do I complain if I feel a discussion post on LBS Hub is inappropriate?

    You can report a discussion post by clicking on the 'report' button, which will give you the opportunity to state your reason and then trigger an alert to our Alumni Engagement team. If you'd like to contact us directly or have any concerns, please email us at, stating the club and the nature of the post.

  • How do I adjust my notifications so I am not getting messages about every post that goes on a discussion board?

    Discussion boards in LBS Hub are related to the club(s) that you are a member of. Unlike Portal, there is no 'General' discussion board that everyone can post in, so for the moment the general Campus Community discussion will remain there. To set your preferences for what you receive emails about, go to Clubs > My Clubs. Click on the club, then click on the Club Settings button. Select the Notifications option from the menu and check the boxes for the acvtitites you would like to receive notifications for.

  • How do I get to Careers Central? Is this in LBS Hub?

    Degree alumni can still access relevant careers services to them by visiting the Alumni Career Centre pages. Entrance to the careers job board and CV database is currently still via Portal.

  • Can I directly message people in LBS HUB?

    LBS Hub allows you to send a message to another alum through the system. The recipient will also receive an email to notify them of the message if they have set this in their profile. It is possible to give your consent for your email address to be shown as well, in which case, you can email them directly.

  • How do I make my email address visible to others in LBS Hub?

    Go to your Profile and set this in the Email/Web section by clicking on the Edit button.