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The Alumni Council comprises 25 alumni, who are appointed by the Council's Governance and Nominations Committee (GNC).

There are three further seats filled by representatives from the School, including the Dean, plus a student representative.

Through virtue of his/her role on the Alumni Council, the Chair of the Alumni Council sits on the School's Governing Body.


  • Alumni Council objectives

    As representatives of the School's alumni, the Alumni Council is committed to:

    • Serve alumni as passionate advocates of alumni interests within the School and its leadership
    • Act as a bridge between alumni and the School, responding to evolving needs of both, while helping the School to build upon its competitive position
    • Serve as role models in their active involvement with the School and the alumni network
    • Foster an alumni network that creates a culture of lifelong support and belonging
    • Solicit and proactively represent views of alumni on issues of interest to them
    • Advise and support the School in developing and enhancing programmes, services and opportunities for alumni
    • Assist the School in generating financial and in-kind support through alumni and their networks
    • Achieving 100% Council participation in annual giving to the School.
  • Alumni Council committees

    An Executive Committee (ExCo) is elected from within the Council Members. ExCo acts as a channel of communication between the Alumni Council and the School between Council meetings, directs the implementation of the Alumni Council's agreed strategy and has delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the Alumni Council.

    ExCo Membership

    • Guerric D’aviau De Ternay MiM2015
    • Graeme Griffiths SLN2004
    • Coye Nokes MBA2003
    • Ann Tasker (MSc09)1976
    • Jean-Philippe Verdier SLN2010
    • Hugh Wood SLN2006 (Chair)

    The GNC oversees the appointment process and identifies potential Council members. The GNC comprises the Chair of the GNC, the Director of Alumni Engagement and at least two further members of the IAC. The current Chair for the GNC is Ann Tasker.

  • Alumni Council appointments

    Alumni Council terms of office are for three years with a limit of two consecutive terms, when a break in service is required before any potential re-appointment. Council meetings are held once per year in London (usually for two days in March) and a further three times per year via teleconference (usually for 90 minutes in duration). Members are expected to serve as ambassadors in their region and attend local events throughout the year, along with taking part in annual Alumni Council working groups.  All Aalumni Council members are donors to the School each year.  

    Each year positions on the Alumni Council will become vacant as members complete their terms of office and the GNC is always keen to hear from alumni interested in joining the Alumni Council. Typically Alumni Council members have a strong history of volunteering for the School and are committed to supporting mutually beneficial relationships between the School and alumni.  Since the Alumni Council believes it is important that the Council broadly represents the breadth of the alumni community, each year the GNC analyses the demographic balance of the Alumni Council and produces demographic criteria for forthcoming nominations.

  • Nominations and appointments

    If you are interested in applying for the Alumni Council we recommend you to take a look at this short film which explains the role of the Alumni Council and the nomination process.

    We aim to ensure that the Alumni Council is representative of the wider alumni community. This year, we are therefore particularly interested in hearing from alumni who are residents of India, China and USA and early careers programme alumni.

    To apply to join the Alumni Council, please submit this form before 9 October 2019.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the GNC via

To find out more about the Alumni Council, please email or call +44 (0) 20 7000 7224