Savio Kwan MSc09(1976)

Former COO, Alibaba

Savio Kwan MSc09(1976) is best known for his time as president and COO of online market place Alibaba, from 2001 to 2003. He later took on the chief people officer role in 2004 and has been a non-executive director since December 2008.

In 2005, Kwan co-founded A&K Consulting, where he serves as CEO and founding partner, advising entrepreneurs about start-up businesses in China. More recently, Kwan joined British American Tobacco as an independent non-executive director in January 2014.

Kwan has more than 30 years’ global management experience, including 17 years at the medical systems division of General Electric, where he was responsible for sales, marketing, operations, business development and establishing joint venture companies in Asia. He was managing director of China operations at BTR plc, a UK-based Fortune 500 company, for four years.

Kwan has served as a board member of the Asia Pacific Advisory Board of York International Corporation, a global air conditioning system provider. He is a visiting professor at Henley Business School and lectures on Chinese business strategy and leadership. He received the Alumni Achievement Award in 2011.

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