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Michael Jacobides

Keynote session

Matt Brittin MBA1997 - President, EMEA Business and Operations, Google  

About the session

Details coming soon.

About the speaker

Matt heads up Google’s business and operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa - helping consumers and businesses make the most of the digital opportunity. Joining Google in 2007 to help build its business in the UK, he became MD of Google UK two years later. In 2011, he was promoted to VP of Northern and Central Europe, before taking over as President of Business and Operations in EMEA in 2014.

Matt is a non-executive director of Sainsbury’s, and a Trustee of charity The Media Trust. Matt has had a long career in media and marketing, joining Google from the newspaper industry, where he led commercial and digital operations at the biggest UK publisher. He previously worked at management consultancy McKinsey.

He has an MBA from London Business School, an MA from Cambridge and won silver medals for Cambridge in several Boat Races. He was also a member of the British rowing team and has won medals in eights and fours at the World Rowing Championships and represented Great Britain at the Olympics. In 2014, he was appointed a Steward of Henley Royal Regatta and he still rows regularly, though more slowly.

Matt lives in London, near the Thames, with his wife, teenage sons and small dog.

Speaker session options - 15:45 - 16:45

Peter Barton

Session 1: Leadership Lessons from History

Peter Barton


About the session

In this session, Peter will provide insight into the leadership and cultures that led to catastrophic outcomes for a generation and explain the extent and limitations of leadership in times of chaos. Describing new research that will change your perspective on events and decisions, he will reflect on what we have learned about leadership in the past 100 years and how much we have yet to learn.


About the speaker

Peter Barton is an award-winning British historian, author and filmmaker specialising in and providing a different perspective on the First World War and the lessons it can teach us about leadership. He has published extensively and features regularly on television.


Michael Jacobides

Session 2: Digital ecosystems

Michael Jacobides, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


About the session

How is the competitive landscape changing? What are the implications of new digital giants in transforming sectors, and how do firms change their way of operating, migrating away from their traditional structures and dominating through an ever-increasing set of interconnected digital ecosystems? And what should you do if you’re neither Google or Apple, yet have to compete in a world where digital ecosystems are the flavor of the day? Michael G Jacobides will be sharing his most recent research on designing digital ecosystems, offering a preview of his forthcoming Harvard Business Review, and sharing insights from his work with the World Economic Forum, his role in BCG and his collaboration with leading global corporates and entrepreneurial ventures alike. So come for a research-based but practice-focused session on how to compete in a digital context.


About the speaker

Michael G Jacobides holds the Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at London Business School, where he is an Associate Professor of Strategy. He studies industry evolution, new business models, value migration and structural change in firms and sectors, and looks at how digital ecosystems transform the business context. He teaches strategy, innovation, transformation and turnarounds, and works on thought leadership with consultants such as BCG, McKinsey, Accenture, PwC and Deloitte, and on strategy with corporates such as Santander, Zurich, CS, Airbus, Lufthansa, Vodafone, Nokia, DeBeers, Burberry, MerckSerono and the NHS. He advises both disruptive start-ups and established firms and also works with policy makers, such as through his work as a Visiting Scholar at the New York Fed since 2015. He has visited Harvard, NYU, Cambridge, Imperial, Bocconi and Wharton, where he obtained his PhD, after studying at Athens, Cambridge and Stanford. His work has appeared in the top academic journals such as SMJ, AMJ, AMR, OrgSci and ICC, where he is a co-Editor, as well as HBR and FT, and appears on CNN. A frequent speaker in corporate and industry events, has also worked with the UK parliament (on the future of financial services), the European Council (on innovation in Europe) and has spearheaded RedesignGreece. He served on the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum, where he is the Academic Lead on the Digital Ecosystems project, and has presented in the Davos Annual meetings.


career centre

Session 3: Practical ways to accelerate your career

Career Centre, London Business School





About the session

Do you want to:

  • Raise your profile in your business

  • Open new avenues of career opportunity

  • Broaden your functional and business knowledge to position yourself for more senior or cross-functional roles

Building a successful career overtime within your business does not happen by luck or coincidence. To manage your career successfully, you need to do three things really well:

  • Understand what success in this business looks like

  • Target opportunities effectively

  • Build your profile within the business

Join us for a Career Acceleration Workshop to explore the key areas to think about when looking at your current organisational context. We will work through a series of questions which explore how you are doing against the above criteria.

You will develop insights that can be turned it into a meaningful action plan.

The Career Centre at London Business School, enable students and alumni to achieve career transitions and thrive in impactful careers. We link insights from our employers and students to inspire a relevant and innovative LBS curriculum.


Michael Jacobides

Session 4: Enabling Profound Growth

Michael Parke, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour


About the session

In today's business world, organizational leaders need to be able to create environments where employees can constantly develop and grow--where they explore, learn, and create new innovations in order to achieve ambitious targets. However, leaders often fail to deliver on people growth, and employees become disenchanted, stuck, or fail to reach their potential. In this session, we will cover some key principles and latest evidence around how leaders can enable their people to be highly motivated and engaged to continuously strive for profound growth.


About the speaker

BA (Michigan) PhD (Maryland)

Dr Michael Parke’s research examines how organisations, teams and leaders can manage and use employee emotions and proactivity to improve creativity and overall effectiveness at work. His research, which has been published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Academy of Management Review, investigates how to foster a workplace climate that promotes creativity and encourages employees to speak up when problems arise without fear of negative repercussions.

Dr Parke’s fascination with maximising team strength extends beyond working hours – he has been an avid football player and coach for most of his life.



17:15 - 18:00 – Dean’s question time and drinks

In this interactive session hear from London Business School Dean, François Ortalo-Magne about his vision for LBS and pose your questions! 



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